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An initiative to raise awareness and create directing opportunities for the generation of experienced, talented and vetted women who have been overlooked -

lost between sexism and ageism.

Why Now?

GenX Women: caught between Sexism and Ageism.

Gen X women haven't got their shot. They came up in a Hollywood climate of open, unabashed discrimination and disregard for women. Despite their many accomplishments, GenX women got lost between the brief opening for women directors in the early 80s and those who benefited from the post #MeToo era.


Our Goals

• To raise awareness that Gen X women are not expendable     and their knowledge and wisdom make them an asset.

• To get more Gen X women hired to direct studio feature         films and television.


About Us

We've created the GenXX initiative to promote the women of Generation X, who have been enthusiastically pursuing our goals and building accolades for years.

Between the four of us, we have directed numerous projects, won countless awards, and participated in programs including ABC/Disney, CBS, SONY, Ryan Murphy's HALF, ProjectHER, Sundance, Black Magic Collective, DGA's DDI, DGA's Learning Tree, and Film Independent. We have premiered and/or won festivals including Sundance, SXSW, Cannes, AFI, etc. -- yet have never been given a shot at the studio level.


Maria Burton

Nandi Bowe

Monique Sorgen

Susan Dynner

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Advisory Board

Tessa Blake - Producing Director

Kay Cannon - Director/EP

Pete Chatmon - Producing Director

Tara Craig - Producer

Yasmin Dunn - VP Paramount DEI

Gaylyn Fraiche - Producer

Rachel Goldberg - Director

Paul Grellong - EP

J. Todd Harris - Producer

Sara Krupnick - Head of Production TIME

Issa López - Director/Showrunner

Alvin O'Neal McCray - Brand Advisor

Jen McGowan - Director

Morgan Pichinson - Scripted Content Lead Roku

Andrew Sugarman - Producer

Gwen Wynne - Director/Producer EOS World Fund


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